Making Chocolate Molds out of Silicone Putty by TechShop

You will need:
1) Chocolate chips
2) Hotplate or stove
3) Double-boiler or two pots that nest
4) Spoons
5) Equinox putty (more on this in the next step)
6) Something from which to make a mold -- this is called a "master"

Optional tools and things that make it easier:
1) Wax paper to place under your mold to keep it from sticking to the table
2) Paint brush you can use with food
3) Rolling pin for large and sheet molds

Step 1: Step 1: Prepare the Silicone

Step 1: Prepare the Silicon

Working with Smooth On's Equinox putty can be deceptively challenging.

A breif introduction to Equinox putty.

Equinox putty is a two-part RTV silicone rubber compound that is food safe.  Please read here.  Two-part means there is a part A and a part B that must be mixed together to begin the curing process.  RTV stands for room-temperature vulcanization which means that it will do all this at standard pressure and temperatures.  This stuff is very handy for making quick simple molds and is an excellent way to make a depression mold or imprint.  It is limited, however, in that it can only pick up the level of detail offered by, say, play doh which has a nearly identical consistency.  It is also not very good at full 3d shapes.  More on this later.

We're using the Equinox #38, which has two main properties which make it appealing for what we want to do today.  First, it has a pot life of 4 minutes.  This refers to the time you have from when you start mixing the two parts until it becomes too hard.  Second, it has a demold time of 30 minutes, which means you will be ready to peel back your master from the mold in a mere half-hour.  Smooth-On does make other versions, but this is the most useful in my opinion--check them out here.


Before we jump in, make sure to start by mixing the purple part B (blue label) putty by itself.  You can do this by kneading it in your hands.  You want to have about as much as your master (the thing you want to make a mold of) in volume.

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