Compost tea is a liquid solution or suspension made by steeping compost in water. It is used as both a fertilizer and in attempts to prevent plant diseases. Compost tea is made by steeping compost in water for a variable period (24-48 hours), then applying the liquid undiluted as a spray to plant parts, or as a soil-drench , such as to seedlings, or as a surface spray to reduce the amount of harmful bacteria and fungi on plants.

Step 1: Materials

There are two parts to the materials. The first group is to brew the tea, and the second set is to filter he tea for actual use.

For Brewing:

1. Compost (I prefer to use organic manure compost, but any kind of compost will do)
2. Five gallon bucket, or any water-tight container
3. Unsulfered Molasses (This acts as food for the bacteria)
4. Air Pump
5. Hose for the air pump
6. Shovel
7. Water

For Filtering and use:
1. Another bucket
2. Wire mesh strainer
3. Cloth for filtering

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