Picture of Cooking with Power Tools

When you think of power tools in the kitchen, you generally picture renovations and remodeling projects. However, they can also be quite useful in food preparation. But why would you ever want to use a cordless drill while cooking. Simply because it is fun.

In this instructable I am going to share with you four simple and fun ways that you can use a cordless drill to aid you in everyday cooking tasks. So put on your tool belt and your chef's hat, and let's get cooking.

Step 1: Mixer/Whisk Attachment

Picture of Mixer/Whisk Attachment
Probably the simplest and most straight forward application for a power drill is as a mixer or a whisk. After all, a drill and an electric mixer are pretty similar in both form and function. Just insert a standard mixing or whisk attachment into your drill and you have a power mixer. 

This drill mixer performs adequately and has one major advantage over a standard mixer. It's cordless. The standard mixer keeps you tethered to the wall and doesn't let you wander more than a few feet from the outlet. But with this cordless drill mixer, you can take the bowl with you and mix as you walk from one side of the kitchen to the other.

zeweny45 months ago
really love it n funny
russ_hensel7 months ago

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Budweiser1438 months ago

I've used the wisk many times in a drill when I needed to mix a protein drink real quick, and getting the blender out, then cleaning it, etc. would've been too much work

babybayrs2 years ago
You are a genius! I'm following you.
marc_alain2 years ago
How about a hammer drill for meat tenderizing? Wiener schnitzel in seconds!
kenbob3 years ago
love it!
DanYHKim3 years ago
When I was a grad student, I had to clean out many Erlenmeyer flasks that were used for plant cell culture. These had a stubborn "ring" of dried plant cell suspension that took a lot of scrubbing with a bottle brush.

I cut the handle of a lab bottle brush and chucked it into a cordless drill to clean the flasks. This worked extremely well. Too bad someone else already invented the "Spinbrush".
I've done the pepper grinder before, for grinding seeds . . . it made me smile every time that I used it. (It did wear out though).

I've never got round to it but I'm sure that a pencil sharpener could be adapted.

Nice Instructable.
l8nite3 years ago
I've done the mixer/wisk in a cordless drill many times, never thought of the scrubber though !