Step 2: Pepper Mill Attachment

Picture of Pepper Mill Attachment
Freshly ground spices always taste better than pre-ground spices. But grinding pepper by hand is slow and can be hard on your wrist. By adding a power drill we can make it substantially faster and easier. Here is how to attach a pepper mill to your drill.

Begin by removing the threaded metal knob from the top of the mill. This will expose the drive shaft. The drive shaft is what will be attached to the drill. If you are worried about damaging the threading on the end of the drive shaft, you can wrap it in tape before fastening your drill onto it. If there is not enough of the drive shaft accessible to attach to the drill, you can also remove the top cap/turn crank. This will give you more drive shaft to work with but leaves the pepper chamber open. So if you remove the top cap, be careful not to spill the peppercorns.

Some pepper mill designs rely on the top knob to set the propper tension for grinding. Since we removed this part, you may need  to apply this tension manually. If this is the case, all you need to do is gently pull the mill away from the drill during grinding. You may wish to spend a few seconds practicing in order to get a feel for it. This lets you work out how to get the desired grind before attempting it on your actual dish.

Now that your power pepper grinder is complete, you are ready to make more fresh pepper than you will ever need.