Step 3: Cheese Grater Attachment

What if you want to add some freshly grated cheese to your dish? No problem. Making a power cheese grater is easy. Start by disassembling a standard rotary cheese grater. The crank handle is the part that we will be modifying. Find and mark the center of rotation on the handle. The drill a 1/4" hole all the way through the handle. Be careful to keep it lined up with the center point. If the attachment point isn't lined up with grater it will cause the whole thing to wobble during use.

Then insert a 1/4" bolt through the drilled hole with the head of the bolt on the inside of the grater. The length of the bolt isn't critical. It just needs to be long enough to stick out past the end of the handle by at least 1/2". Then tighten a 1/4" nut onto the outside of the bolt and reassemble the cheese grater. Just attach the drill to the exposed bolt and you have a power cheese grater. If the bolt spins free of the handle during use, you need to tighten the nut more firmly until the handle and bolt spin together.

With your power cheese grater, you can make a mountain of freshly grated cheese in seconds.
really love it n funny
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<p>I've used the wisk many times in a drill when I needed to mix a protein drink real quick, and getting the blender out, then cleaning it, etc. would've been too much work</p>
You are a genius! I'm following you.
How about a hammer drill for meat tenderizing? Wiener schnitzel in seconds!
love it!
When I was a grad student, I had to clean out many Erlenmeyer flasks that were used for plant cell culture. These had a stubborn &quot;ring&quot; of dried plant cell suspension that took a lot of scrubbing with a bottle brush. <br> <br>I cut the handle of a lab bottle brush and chucked it into a cordless drill to clean the flasks. This worked extremely well. Too bad someone else already invented the &quot;Spinbrush&quot;.
I've done the pepper grinder before, for grinding seeds . . . it made me smile every time that I used it. (It did wear out though).<br> <br> I've never got round to it but I'm sure that a pencil sharpener could be adapted.<br> <br> Nice Instructable.
I've done the mixer/wisk in a cordless drill many times, never thought of the scrubber though !

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