Step 4: Dish Scrubber Attachment

Picture of Dish Scrubber Attachment

When you are done cooking, your drill can even help you clean up. All you need is a simple dish scrubber attachment. To make one you will need the following materials:

A large binder clamp
A 1/4 inch bolt that is at least 1 inch long
A 1/4 inch nut
Two 1/4 inch washers (optional)
A Dish Sponge

Start by drilling a 1/4 inch hole in the back of the binder clamp. Try to keep the hole as centered as possible. Insert the bolt through the hole so that the threads stick out of the back of the binder clamp. Then tighten a nut on the bolt (add washers if desired).  Clamp a sponge into the binder clamp and the dish scrubbing attachment is complete. Make sure that there is no point where the binder clamp might be exposed to the dishes. This can quickly scratch up and ruin a dish. Insert the dish scrubber attachment into your drill and you are ready to clean dishes with more power.

If you can think of any other creative ways to use a cordless drill while cooking leave a comment and share.