I made I giant marshmallow, and then gave it a baby brother. I made the little one with Dusk Shadows, actually I just told him to sit down and eat his cake while I did all the work. It was gooood cake.  I guess the inspiration for two came from Totoro, cause there are two little Totoros and one big one.
For the first "Making Cuddly Candies," view here

Step 1: Cut Out Your Pieces

You need one long rectangle and one circle.
You can make your marshmallow any size you want, but you must follow this formula. The diameter of the circles must be the same as the height of the rectangle. The circumference of the circles must match the length of the rectangle.
This is so it will be the right shape.
Also, if you don't already know, the procedure for the eyes is somewhere....Here!

Just remember, leave a little bit of room for the seams!

Step 2: Sew It

First sew the ends of the rectangle together, just a straight line over the folded up piece. Then pin your circle to the rectangle (should be in a circle shape) and sew round. Then do the same for the other side but LEAVE SOME ROOM TO STUFF IT.
Push it inside out through the hole you have left.

Step 3: Stuff It!

Use fiber fill of hobby stuffing or whatever to fill the marshmallow. Make sure you push and stuff the edges as much as you can, then fill up the rest. If you want, draw on a mouth.

Step 4: Finished!

If you want, make a little one. I gave it a bow tie! You are done! Hurray! Now step back and admire you work.
I have to know... did you hand sow all of these? (Man I wish you could use italics on this site. but the emphasis would be on hand.) I am currently trying to make one of the candy-corns for my girlfriend, and he seems to want to get a little puffy in some odd places. I'm pretty sure its just my lousy needlework, but a little advice would go a long way to helping me figure this out... <br>~Zel
<em>Yes, <b>you can use</b></em><u> <strong>itallics</strong></u><em><b>. </b>Anyhow<b>, </b></em>I use <u>hand needle work</u> for the small marshmallow and candy corn and a <u>machine</u> for the larger projects.<br> <br> P.S. When posting a comment, hit the &quot;Rich Editor&quot; button.
Thanks for the tip. It<em> really</em> makes talking with the right emphasis easier. I used to just capitalize the word I wanted noticed more... Thanks again.<br> ~Zel
Very nice. And I must say, adorable. Who taught you to sew? <br>~Zel
Erm...my mum.
Nice job!
Thanks. The white one lives on Dusk's bookshelf now.
Wow. I can never get over how amazing you are at sewing. I don't even know where to get the materials!
xD I just get mine from spotlight, an Australian store. They sell fabrics and sheets and thread and buttons and stuff. I have no idea about America, but try Wall-mart
They're so cute!!
&diams;Thank you!&diams;

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