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A side hobby around the parts is sculpture; we love it. All sorts of different types are clays are always on-hand for when we need a little less typey typey and a little more squishy squishy. Last year with the addition of a small format 3D scanner to our arsenal, we started scanning some of our creations.

The process goes sculpt>scan>edit model because it never scans perfectly>print>play>repeat. The goal is to improve our character design and 3d capturing skills while producing some fun little critters to share with the world.

This instructable details our first totally successful sculpt to print design - a little critter bear named gus.

Basic Materials include:

- Wire & Aluminum Foil for armature

- Clay to form sculpture

- 3D Scanner to capture sculpture

- Mesh / Modeling Software to edit the Mesh output from the 3D Scan

- 3D printer and filament to print the sculpture model

Step 1: Build-up Armature

Picture of Build-up Armature

Step 2: Form Clay Around Armature

Picture of Form Clay Around Armature

Step 3: Harden Clay (add to / Adjust / Detail Sclupture As It Takes Form)

Picture of Harden Clay (add to / Adjust / Detail Sclupture As It Takes Form)

Step 4: Scan Sculpture

Picture of Scan Sculpture

Step 5: Edit Model

Picture of Edit Model

Step 6: Print & Play!

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Swansong (author)2016-10-18

Cute design! :)

r_u_odd (author)Swansong2016-10-20

thanks, Swansong!

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