Step 5: Process sealed jars in the boiling water bath.

Picture of Process sealed jars in the boiling water bath.
Process quart jars for 15 minutes.
a. It's suggested to use a rack to keep jars from touching canner bottom and to permit heat circulation; we didn't have the right size rack, so we didn't do this.
b. It's suggested to put jars into a canner that contains simmering water. We just used the three biggest and heaviest pots we had.
c. After adding jars, add boiling water to bring water 1 to 2 inches above jar tops. We couldn't get water above the jar tops, but comments I read online said this wasn't necessary.
d. Bring water to a rolling boil. Set timer and process for recommended time.
e. Remove jars from canner immediately after timer sounds.
f. Cool for 12-24 hours on a rack or towel. Or on the counter, as you see here.
g. Do not retighten screw bands after processing.
h. After jars are cooled, remove screw bands, wipe jars, label and date.
i. Store jars in a cool, dark place.
j. For best quality, use within one year.
Suppafly7 years ago
Do you have to take the screw bands off? Once you test the seal, couldn't you put the screw band back on to ensure that you don't break the seal later?

I have read that it is actually best to leave the bands off. If there is syrup or whatever residue left under the bands, they can rust and actually break the seal. I have never had this happen, and sometimes leave my bands on & sometimes take them off.

purdyme2 years ago
I am a food science teacher. You must submerge the jars under 1 to 2 inches of water, in a water bath canner. Never can anything like this! There are so many recipes out there on the Internet which are not safe. Here are some of the offical sites you can refer to for safe methods of home canning. The reason many of these sites exist is because many people died in times past from home preserved foods. Please see links below:
rosleigh2233 years ago
has anyone used dill weed from the spice rack? i cant seem to find any fresh dill. even my grocery store dont carry fresh dill. i have always used fresh. What to do.
Yes. The first year I made this I had fresh dill in my yard and it does make a difference. But I've used this recipe many times with the dried dill seed and dill weed. It is still very good.
kewpiedoll99 (author)  rosleigh2233 years ago
I've used fresh and I've used dried - both are fine. I'd recommend using a bit extra of the dried (maybe 1-1/2 x what you'd use of fresh).
You really need to submerge those jars under at least 1"- 2" of water you know..