Making Drone Canopy Without Plastic Forming...





Introduction: Making Drone Canopy Without Plastic Forming...

If you want to have nice plastic canopy for your drone or other RC,
usually u have to build it using plastic forming or at least heater with some base model usually from wood craft or other hard material…

what if u don’t have any of that, but u want to build it too…

well this is u have to prepare to do that…

Material :

  • 0.30mm plastic mica (depend on our need)
  • paint (u can use aerosol paint or acrylic paint)

Tools :

Now how to do it…

Step 1: Build Your Canopy Using 3D Modeler

Build it using the real scale of your canopy u want to build and save
it as .OBJ file, in this case i’m using 3Dmax to do it and this the result

Step 2: Open Pepacura Software

Load the .OBJ on it, follow the instruction for no flip etc, then click
unfold and don’t forget to change the scale to 1 (it mean it will printed same scale as your 3D model).

Step 3: Click Unfold

The unfold result will be like this, u can adjust position of the paper as u want… after that print it…

Step 4: Assemble It

Assemble all the printed paper as one and place on flat surface...

Step 5: Prepare Your 0.30mm Mica Hard Plastic

  • Place your 0.30mm mica on top of the pattern, and secure it with adhesive tape on the corner.
  • Mark every corner of the pastern using permanent marker so u not wrong in cut it later.
  • After that cut it using cutter knife and scissor

Step 6: Soldering the Join

After u cut just like the pattern, now u can fold and stick the plastic join, and u don’t have to use glue on it. just soldering iron.

Step 7: Canopy Result Before Paint...

Now u have complete form of u’r canopy… and ready to paint...

Step 8: Paint It...

Paint it using aerosol paint or acrylic paint and put some accessories... and finally u can place it on your drone or RC



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hypothetically, you could use pepacura to make a vector file and laser cut the plastic. I'm going to see if I can figure out how to do this.

Nice. Making your own drone accessories would give you a lot of options for customizing your drone.