Introduction: Making Drone Canopy Without Plastic Forming...

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If you want to have nice plastic canopy for your drone or other RC,
usually u have to build it using plastic forming or at least heater with some base model usually from wood craft or other hard material…

what if u don’t have any of that, but u want to build it too…

well this is u have to prepare to do that…

Material :

  • 0.30mm plastic mica (depend on our need)
  • paint (u can use aerosol paint or acrylic paint)

Tools :

Now how to do it…

Step 1: Build Your Canopy Using 3D Modeler

Picture of Build Your Canopy Using 3D Modeler

Build it using the real scale of your canopy u want to build and save
it as .OBJ file, in this case i’m using 3Dmax to do it and this the result

Step 2: Open Pepacura Software

Picture of Open Pepacura Software

Load the .OBJ on it, follow the instruction for no flip etc, then click
unfold and don’t forget to change the scale to 1 (it mean it will printed same scale as your 3D model).

Step 3: Click Unfold

Picture of Click Unfold

The unfold result will be like this, u can adjust position of the paper as u want… after that print it…

Step 4: Assemble It

Picture of Assemble It

Assemble all the printed paper as one and place on flat surface...

Step 5: Prepare Your 0.30mm Mica Hard Plastic

Picture of Prepare Your 0.30mm Mica Hard Plastic
  • Place your 0.30mm mica on top of the pattern, and secure it with adhesive tape on the corner.
  • Mark every corner of the pastern using permanent marker so u not wrong in cut it later.
  • After that cut it using cutter knife and scissor

Step 6: Soldering the Join

After u cut just like the pattern, now u can fold and stick the plastic join, and u don’t have to use glue on it. just soldering iron.

Step 7: Canopy Result Before Paint...

Picture of Canopy Result Before Paint...

Now u have complete form of u’r canopy… and ready to paint...

Step 8: Paint It...

Picture of Paint It...

Paint it using aerosol paint or acrylic paint and put some accessories... and finally u can place it on your drone or RC


Ryhorn12 (author)2016-09-05

hypothetically, you could use pepacura to make a vector file and laser cut the plastic. I'm going to see if I can figure out how to do this.

DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2016-09-04

Nice. Making your own drone accessories would give you a lot of options for customizing your drone.

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