Step 3: Now what? Its wound flat... Sort of...

Probably good enough for this simple experiment.

Tape it up with two leads hanging out.

I know the image isnt the sharpest, but we are looking at one lead from the coil. I stripped the end with some sandpaper and then coiled it around a small screwdriver.

Do this or something similar to strip both ends and make a couple of tight loops. This is not critical, it just gives us a point to attch the light bulb without soldering.
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Bluexadema5 years ago
for future reference just use a lighter and burn off a half an inch or so

it makes sure the whole contact is clear and its much faster, decent instructable though
bhunter736 (author)  Bluexadema5 years ago
I actually tried burning but found I needed to use sandpaper to clean the carbonized enamel from the wire anyway.  This stuff is so small it really is very little effort to clean with sandpaper.