Picture of Making Faces
This project was inspired by my aunt and uncle. I made magnetic ping pong ball eyes in order to make instant faces in the interesting metal objects around me. It's a very simple (and weird) project, but it can have some very funny results.
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Step 1: Materials and Tools

- ping pong balls
- magnets, I used 1/4" by 1/4" rare earth magnets from
- Plasti Dip or paint, white and black (I got mine here
- Glue

- drill bits
- nails

Step 2: Drill the holes

Picture of Drill the holes
By just spinning the drill bit by hand you can make a hole in the ping pong ball. I started with 1/16" bit and worked my way up to 1/4", this produced the roundest holes.

Step 3: Gluing the magnets in place

Picture of Gluing the magnets in place
Make sure that you are inserting the magnets with opposite polarity facing out. You want the eyeballs to be attracted to each other when you're done.

Attach each magnet to a nail. Place the nail in a clamp. Insert the magnet into the ping pong ball so that it just pokes out of the ball when resting on your work surface. Now run a small bead of glue where the magnet meets the ping pong ball. Wipe the bead down with your finger and let it fully dry.

Double check that the ping pong balls will attach to each other.

Step 4: Dip the ping pong balls into liquid rubber

Picture of Dip the ping pong balls into liquid rubber
This step could be skipped if you started with solid white ping pong balls, but I feel the rubber makes the eyes more rigid. With the magnet still attached to the nail (or you could use one of the drill bits like I did), dip the ball into the white Plasti Dip. One coat should do. Allow to fully dry.

White paint could be used instead of the rubber.
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kenralph2 years ago
this is great for the up and coming Summer Holidays!
guslioy3 years ago
E.X.C.E.L:E:N:T!!!!! running to make mine
nave6 years ago
dude, its the money you could be saving with geico
ilpug nave3 years ago
I approve.
zero838 nave5 years ago
its so easy a caveman could do it
scott! zero8385 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
mushfiqc scott!5 years ago
No, more like your 2 dads.
He's staring at me... o.O
ilpug3 years ago
Great street art idea, I will do this!
Doganie3 years ago
I think I might do this just to anonymously put them up around my school. :D
manutea3 years ago
HA HA HA !!! this is ^_^ cool & funny !!
WhyHello4 years ago
AHhhh! His eyes rolled out!
 eyes...! there everywere

did they see me? 
flamesami5 years ago
maybe add some sort of fish-eye lens to the pupil, and lead it back to a webcam. it can seee yoouuu!
LuciferRex5 years ago
I love the fire alarm one
awsome 5 *'s faved!!!!!!!
it would be great for holloween
scott!5 years ago
this s a stupid idea, but it's SO awesome!! I can't wake to make them!
Calorie5 years ago
I still love this after I found it a year ago. I did think of the Geico commercial when I saw this 'ible. nave beat me to the punch on the joke front.
This is great!
Kaiven6 years ago
DO you place the magnets 90 or 180 degrees from the pupils?
blightdesign (author)  Kaiven6 years ago
Typically, I place them 90 degrees. But 180 works too.
I want to put them on my airsoft gun >:P IT HAS EYES
YES!!!!!!! lol BEST SCOPE EVER!!!!!!
krobot6 years ago
Quick question-what kind of magnet did you use, specifically the shape?
blightdesign (author)  krobot6 years ago
The magnets are cylindrical, 1/4" tall, 1/4" diameter.
Hehe... So simple but SOOO much fun! ....
new here. that's such a fun idea. what about adding a set to a eyeglass case-or..... what about filling the case with tiny fake eyeballs? lol. i'm trying to think what would work for little eyes. so far all I can think of are marbles-maybe with tiny iris and pupil stickers lol
Ghost Wolf6 years ago
That's a lot of fun got to love it. >:D
blugyblug6 years ago
OMFG thats fricken scary And cute
That is so cute!:)
selena_19776 years ago
has anyone suggested yet to glue fake halloween eyelashes to the tops of your eyeballz?
Man...that cookie monster is awesome!
Kryptonite6 years ago
Yay cookie monster! ...Elmo?
cookie monster! omagosh, im so doing this for my baby cousin
lulz yeah.
matt_maples6 years ago
When I saw thr fire alarm one all I could think was "Yip-yip-yip-yip... Uh-huh. Uh-huh," from the Mupets.
Saint136 years ago
You know it is often the simple ideas that are the most fun and spur people on to take that original idea off to yet another great idea. Thank you for the Instructable!
Nimphious6 years ago
I suppose all you can really suggest is to check to make sure the surface you're attaching them to doesn't get too hot, otherwise you might get some unexpected results.
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