Picture of Making Field Tip and Broadhead Hunting Bolts for the Pistol Crossbow
There are several different models of 50 lb. and 80 lb.-pull pistol crossbows available, but the only bolts sold are molded plastic or aluminum tubes with molded plastic fletches, both of which have target tips, and these are about 6-3/4 in. (17 cm) long. Not that these are not formidable, but you really can't get any decent distance, there is not enough knock-down power for hunting after 10 meters, and there are no field point or broad head bolts available for the serious pistol crossbow archer for competitive target
shooting, or small game hunting.

After analyzing the commercially available bolt's overall length-to-fletch size ratio, balance point, fletch length, etc. I have come up with plans to make a decent field point bolt for competitive shooting, and a decent broad head for hunting.  I have tested them, and find that they are sufficiently accurate for me to document this process so that others may benefit from my effort.

NOTE -  Crossbow hunting is not allowed in many locations - check your local laws first.  Pistol crossbows are
not allowed for hunting anywhere!  This document is for educational purposes only.  The author neither approves of,
nor advises using these in opposition to any jurisdiction's regulations!  Use these at your own risk.
goodgameme1 year ago

How well do these hold up compared to the plastic or aluminum bolts that come with your crossbow pistol? Also when you say hardwood dowel, is that the same as any dowel you find in your big box stores?

I appreciate your efforts on this project

shodai-soke (author)  TheCommander1 year ago

Thank you. I would much rather have found commercially made broad head bolts, but these fly nice for about forty yards or more, and have double the knockdown power of the available plastic bolts that are out there. The lack of accuracy beyond that distance, I'm afraid, is more against the bowman, than the bolt. LOL

haha all the same I could tell you put effort into this instructable, I will probably make use of it in the future so, thank you my friend.