Make Footboard Piezo Generator!





Introduction: Make Footboard Piezo Generator!

Make a foothold development using piezo electric element.

Little energy and can make electricity.

Small movements, wind and step.

Piezoelectric generators is very good energy harvesting.

Step 1: 1. Making Piezoelectric Generator.

- Bimorph type piezoelectric elements (B)
- PCB (A)

- Bridge diodes (C)

- Wires

- rubber (D)

1. Solder the piezoelectric element and the diode bridge to the PCB. [ See the video ]

2. Attach the piezo generator on wooden boards. (4)

3. Press the ootboard piezo generator.



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    2 Discussions

    could you please specify the size of the pub and how much layers it has. Or please tell me where to buy. Thank you

    Hello there, I am wondering where I can get some PBC. Currently doing this project myself.