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This instructable will demonstrate how to make permanent hand print stones with your kids, and whoever wants one. I refer to "permanent" because usually these are made with plaster of paris, which is good, but can't be displayed outside.  Also, this method allows you to use "fancy fonts" to give a more finished, artful project. Wouldn't it be fun to do one every few years, or even every year?  The stones can be displayed on patios, beside walkways, in the garden, around the pool, and so on. In this tutorial, I make "Andrew" and "Denise".
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Step 1: Materials Needed

Making this a really simple project, one that anyone can do, essentially, was my challenge.To complete this project, I used the cardboard from cereal boxes. Letters and designs can be cut from the cardboard which is readily available.   Also, concrete mix is required. The usual craft tools like scissors, rulers, and mixing tools as well as "forms" for the molds.

Step 2: Print Out Names On The Cardboard

Using the word processor, I picked a font, Arial Black here, and typed in the names I was going to use, as well as the year, 2010.  These are printed and will be cut out later.

Step 5: Place And Glue Pieces Into Pie Tins

Here, a piece of paper is "tacked" in the bottom of the pie pan using spray adhesive. Don't spray the entire paper, just in two or three spots. The letters and handprint are then arranged as desired. I like a more formal arrangement, but the letters can be placed in a random, not so "neat" manner. Please note: LETTERS ARE REVERSED WHEN GLUING ONTO PAPER IN FORM.  To check alignment, use a mirror as shown to read the names.
You shared a really good idea, and your Instructable is really well thought out. Thanks so much!. 10/10!
Creativeman (author)  porcupinemamma4 years ago
Thank you very much. Cman
NutandBolt4 years ago
Very nice instructable your creations are looking great, I would love to make one of them for my baby .
Creativeman (author)  NutandBolt4 years ago
Oh,I hope you do make one. They are very easy to produce, and are a lasting remembrance. Post pictures when you are done, ok? cman
rimar20004 years ago
What a good idea!!! Thanks for share it.
Creativeman (author)  rimar20004 years ago
You're welcome, rimar...and thanks for the comment. Cman