Making Fresh Beats With Five Nintendo Gameboys by 8BITches





Introduction: Making Fresh Beats With Five Nintendo Gameboys by 8BITches

8BIT Che of 8BITches, the chip hop band from Maine, explains how he makes his Hot Beats on Nintendo Gameboys.



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    Given the title of this instructable, I was hoping you'd provide more specific info about how you sync 5 gameboys at once. I Can do 3 right now with the LSDJ/MIDI Clock generator I built, but that's the most it can handle at once. In most cases three is more than enough, but I'm really curious about how you sync five at a time. Any info would be appreciated.

    y0. the 2600 is just for looks. it is actually the only place i have to store it at the moment where it will not be crushed. i DO in fact have synthcart. lil' bit will also be programming some shiZZ on the c64. glad ya'll like dis vid so far. 8BIT Ché

    whats with the 2600 on the table, just for looks? do u have synthcart 4it??

    great walkthrough -- it'd be nice if I could see the gameboy screen better though.

    Awwww It's like a tiny 808. Luv that Commonwhore 64 on the table too. Ol' school and all that. I had a 64c (the late 80's update). Doesn't look near so nice now. Do they make the G-boy code available to regular folks?

    8 BIT BITCHES i remember you guys from the Hi Ho Lounge in New Orleans pre-Katrina. you had lost a show at another venue, asked to be put on the Hi Hos bill, and you rocked everyones socks off. i think that night i was bartending AND running sound. buy the 8bit cd, it's worth it. (although i lost mine in the storm)