Galvanic Skin Response or GSR is a physiological effect used in Biofeedback and Lie Detectors. I've developed an Android App that turns a smartphone into a GSR sensor. However, it requires making special finger electrodes to use. This video shows the process of making them from an Audio/Video cable and some Velcro. More information about Galvanic Skin Response and the program can be found on my website: http://www.extremenxt.com/gsr.htm .

Step 1: ​All of the Instructions Are in This YouTube Video.

The cable used in the video is a Philmore 42-3546.

<p>The application is not working for me...:S</p>
the ​code please to get the galvanic skin response value in the serial monitor
<p>gaspery hay , you can upload videos of advanced video and could you please tell me how to work after connecting the cable to the phone . I really like the tools that you create. Thank you</p>
<p>hi </p><p>i did what you explain.. but i'm not understanding the app. can please explain a bit more about the ranging.</p><p>thanks</p>
can't find the video
<p>The video is Step 1. Just click the triangle for it to play.</p>
<p>Strangely, the application does not have the option to play</p>
The app calibrates for about 15 seconds then starts recording. I'm not sure why you don't think it is working.

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