Step 10: Glove One: Demonstration

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It's alive!!

Maybe if I make a gold-plated version I could try to sell it to Kanye West or something.

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an awesome touch of a genius
Will you be selling these in the near future? I'm sur you could make a decent amount from selling them.
GrantLevy3 years ago
If you showed this to the right people this could be BIG. A product like this could go for $500 a pop and people would snap them up like they did the iPhone.

Good luck with it!
Nice one Bryan!

Excellent instructable, excellent product! It must have driven you mad getting all those micro-nuts in place. Great work!
brendan9453 years ago
I think theres a market. If you did a kickstarter I would probably put money down to buy one if it was the right price.
I've seen that ThinkGeek sells the "world's smallest cell phone" which is entirely voice controlled. I'm thinking that might be a good starting point for more of a soft glove variant like the Inspector Gadget photo you used. Of course, extending antennas went the way of the dodo long ago but it'd still look awesome and funny.
Huh, guess they don't sell it anymore. I seem to remember the entire phone was contained in a bluetooth headset-like device. Can't even find it in Google now.
Dude, so amazing. I had thought for a while that a cell phone glove would have been awesome. I'm amazed that it actually exists now!