Step 9: Final Assembly.

Now the only thing left to do was attach the last few components, and mount the fingers to the base of the glove via the extension springs and micro-bolts.  First, I placed the button-caps into the housings, on top of the tactile switches.  I used a fast-setting epoxy called "Zap-a-gap" to secure the sheet metal covers on top of the housings.  Before glueing the metal covers in place, I scratched them up a bit with an exacto blade, to help the epoxy adhere to the metal.

Here's a video demonstrating the button assemblies of each finger segment:

To attach the fingers to the hand plates via the tiny extensions springs, I used some dental floss to pull the tiny springs through the mounting holes on the 3D-printed pieces:

Finally, I used a tweezers to hold the micro-nuts in place while I screwed the micro-bolts into them through the loops of the extension springs.  

Now that everything is snapped, soldered, bolted, and epoxied in place, it's time to take this thing on a test drive!