Making Good Ramen





Introduction: Making Good Ramen

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What you need is:
Beef cooked
Pack of ramen flavoring and noodles
Veggies(optional)Hard or soft boiled egg
Hot Water
small plate

Step 1: First Step

Pour the hot water with the noodles and cover it for a minute then add the flavoring.Mix it.

Step 2: Adding and Other Stuff

slice beef and eggs get the nori and other stuff put it in

Step 3: =]


Step 4: Reference

See title



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    Hey, FPS, chill out. Save your city envy and coolness anxiety for another forum. This is one of those great places where people SHARE. Don't poop on it. BTW, I live in a cabin in the woods and have PLENTY of opinions about food. You should have asked shooby if he/she was a Sagittarius . . . more relevant.

    Ah, semantics. How interesting... z z z z Z Z Z Z

    hahah I take it you eat the trash that comes in the packets with ramen. Now, it seems some of that trash is coming back out of your mouth. Tastes bad, right?

    Well yeah, you're right about my locale, but may also have me misconstrued. I'm not a food snob, I rarely eat out. I eat rice for breakfast 3-4 days a week. The reason I have strong opinions on food, or ramen in particular, is because I lived in Hong Kong for 14 years, and Taipei for 4 years before that, so I'm basically Chinese. Given my diet, you'll understand why I can't cough up the 20 clams.

    Because of what I eat?

    Paint is just too, lazy. Sorry, but maybe if you took the time to put some effort into it, I might rate it higher.

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    just an observation, this guy took time! Those aren't pre-loaded, stock, template type images. Someone took their time to illustrate everything you see in this instructable. I give people the benefit of the doubt, perhaps his camera was broken at the time. I've been meaning to post many instructables, but have not yet. At least this guy has one up on me. He actually posted something informative.

    I am not intending to be mean. But it just isn't up to standards.

    its okay ill try to find a new memory stick

    I eat Ramen twice a day, but never use the package mix, because it's filled with trash. Use 1 tablespoon of soy sauce, 1 tablespoon of fish sauce , and 1/4 teaspoon of sesame oil, you'll be golden. Also, if you want a thicker soup, add the egg then stir the soup with chopsticks immediately, for about 10 seconds. If you just drop it in, it may become over-poached, and end up really rubbery.

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    I sometimes do that too! Yum :-)

    at least there some pictures better than none

    Can you get some real images? MS paint doesn't cut it for this stuff, plus there aren't images for each step. Far be it from me to attack your choice of instructable but it seems that if you're going to do one on Ramen you might want to make it more involved than you have, look in the related list to see why. It's not a bad first choice but beefing it up with some good explanation and maybe some recipe additions would do no harm...

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    i do have one but i cant find any memory

    I would have to agree... pictures would be nice. Get a disposable camera for like 5 bucks if you don't have a digital one lol

    You....dropped something(your camera) other than that, More detailed instructions and i might try this out...