Why should you make Ice Chips instead of Ice Cubes? On one hand... Ice Cubes have been the staple of any cold drink at parties, cookouts, festivals, etc. They are used to fill coolers to go to the beach. Furthermore when you go the store to buy Ice they sell it as a 5 lb bag of Cubes not Chips.

On the other hand.... Ice Chips are easier to suck on then full Ice Cubes. Ice Chips are easier to chew then an Ice Cube. Even on hot days I finish my drink before the Ice Cube finishes melting. Now I have a cup of melting ice cubes and diluted water. Read on to see more reasons for this instructable of Making Ice Chips instead of Ice Cubes.

The Story
Around 2 am one morning, my son came into my room and said he was feeling sick to his stomach. I said I would meet him in the loo. I arrived a moment later and we waited. Not too long though, for it was quick coming. After he was done, I put him back to bed and went downstairs for a bucket just in case he couldn’t make it in time. I was awake anyway so I looked online to see what one is suppose to do after vomiting. Sucking ice chips and sipping water were at the top of the list. Sipping water is hard to do. How much water do you put into the glass so that he has enough but not much to spill? Too much water can make you vomit again. Ice chips are perfect, put it in your mouth and it melts - no spillage.

I don’t know about you, but we do not keep ice cubes in the winter. We do not have an automatic ice maker/dispenser. We have ice trays, but how long does it take to make ice cubes? I wanted ice chips now. So, here is what I did at 3 am.

Benefits of Ice Chips over Ice Cubes:
Ice Chips freeze quicker than Ice Cubes. (Ice Chips - 40 min vs Ice Cubes - 4 hrs)
2) Ice Chips take up less space than Ice Cubes in the freezer.
3) Ice Chips are easier to suck on than full Ice Cubes.
4) Ice Cubes are hard to make into Ice Chips.
5) Ice Cubes make more noise when being made into Ice Chips. Whether automatic ice dispenser or manually cube crushing.

Step 1: Materials

1) Water,
2) Flat aluminum tray and
3) Container to store Ice Chips.


Skill Level:
Easy.  Follow these instructions of Making Ice Chips instead of Ice Cubes.

Time to Complete:
30 – 45 minutes at -2 degrees F.
<p>To speed up things even some more you might want to use hot water instead of cold tap water. Yes, hot water. No, really. For some reason even I did not fully understand (has to do with dissolved gas leaving the water when hot) hot water will cool down quicker and freeze sooner than cold water. That's why in cold winters hot water plumbing freeze up first.</p><p>Give it a try</p>
<p>Thank you for reviewing and commenting. You are correct, you described the Mpemba effect. It would be interesting to test how much more quickly the ice would form with hot water vs cold. I will add that to the growing list of experiments and things to do.<em><br></em></p>
<p>Due to having more surface area, ice chips will melt faster in a drink than ice cubes will. Fine if you have a drink you want cold and want to drink right now, but if you're trying to keep a drink cold over time, you want ice cubes instead.</p>
nice idea.
Thank you. That morning he was sick there were not any instructions on the web to make ice chips without first having ice cubes or an ice maker/dispenser.

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