Making Imitation Silly Putty


Introduction: Making Imitation Silly Putty

It seems everyone tries but get this wrong? I have found the perfect proportions. So no more glue balls. This isn't slime. This video is my recipe for making a silly putty like substance. I am a chemist and it works perfectly. It is a polyvinyl acetate polymer.

Metric measurements
25mL glue
20mL water
15mL Saturated Borax Solution

No matter how many times I do this, I never get bored making it. It acts like snot but it isn't sticky. It flows like slime but isn't greasy. The best part is you can make this "Silly Puddy Like" substance at home. All you need is the Borax (Sodium Borate) and Glue.



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    I thought the puddy worked very well, right now I've promised my 4 and 5 year old neighbors that ill make some for them. They thought it was Flarp.

    Oh my gosh! I think that is the weirdest thing about home made silly putty. It flows like slime but isn't greasy! I also feel like I need to wash my hands after I play with it.

    I don't think that would work, they are different substances. If you want color, try adding food coloring!

    Throw it on the roof in a cinema and watch people below it freak out when it falls :D

    you can get it in the laundry isle, in krogers, or any other store

    does it bounce?,  can you use it to copy the funnies out of  the news paper?

    To make silly putty you can use liquid starch. The best ratio is 2 parts glue per 1 part liquid starch and stir until it becomes thick and then knead it like dough to even it out. The more water you use in this version creates a less viscous slime. I tried it once with no water and it made something closer to rubber. Not as much fun as slime.

    Id just like to say this isnt quite a silly putty substance. This is what most preschools, and fun chemistry books call flubber. Ill try adding more borax to see if it turns out more like silly putty.

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    I am trying to do a project for my chemistry class on this experiment. Does anyone know how the chemistry actually works behind it?

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    Yeah, hum actually I'm trying to figure out this whole site for posting because I found one of these where the person went all out to explain and provide links for everything and I wanted to say- way to freaking go- thanks man so let me back out of here and figure out where I was and I'll update you. It is not exact but if you haven't turned in your "I'm going to do this" sheet yet, you can switch or you may find one of the resources to be "silly putty"

    is there maybe an alternative for borax?