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Everyone knows the saying "When life gives you lemons, make lemonade." Well about a year ago, life gave me glass, about five gallons of it. I had just thrown a party and had all my lawn furniture still on my deck from the previous night when the wind (I live on the coast of Florida) picked up my umbrella and hurled it into my table shattering the glass into a zillion pieces. I swept up the shards with a dustpan and filled up a home depot bucket. This took maybe 2 hours because they had wedged in-between the boards of my deck and I had to use a Hyde 6-in-1 Painter's Tool to get them out.

Needles to say I was annoyed. I had just lost my table and two hours of my life because of wind. So later that day I was cruising around Intructables.com when I saw the The Ice Bulb, and thought, "hmm I wonder".

This Instuctable will show you how to make a night light out of a bad situation.

Step 1: Supplies

Picture of Supplies
1. A Mason Jar with a lid (Jarred fruit usually comes in these)
2. Broken glass (The glass from my table was the kind that shatters into little cubes.)
3. 1 LED (The brighter the better, so I chose 1 red 5mm.)
4. 3V lithium battery and holder (salvaged mine from and old motherboard)
5. Some wire
6. A switch (If you don't have any on hand, take one from a toy you don't use. Mines from a broken Mr. Coffee :])
7. A drill
8. Some drill bits
9. A soldering Iron
10. Some wire
11. 60/40 rosin fux core solder
better use a 100 ohm resistor before the led to protect it
RobCo935 years ago
which end is the positive side and which end is the negative side on the lithium battery case? sorry, im a noob.
SweetCali405 years ago
WOW!!  I know what to make out of 2 broken windshields!!
thanks James :D
rimar20005 years ago
Clever. Good idea.
jany6 years ago
I think this was a pretty good instructable. Instead of glass, try glass pebbles you can get at walmart. It is safer, too.
jdamron jany6 years ago
Like he said, with lemons make lemonade, his table didn't break into glass pebbles from walmart.
lol Reading that made my day. That caused me to imagine a table shattering into marbles. So, thanks for that.
pretty sweet, just don't let it fall!
James Haskin (author)  Scrubsfan12346 years ago
If it does, I'll pick up the pieces and put them in a bigger jar :]
hyper7 years ago
Maybe you should change the title to something like, "How to make a night light out of glass shards", just something so they actually know what it is from the title. some people will think they are making lemonade when they click on it.
James Haskin (author)  hyper7 years ago
Yeah, I was going for a witty metaphor about making something good out of a bad situation. Also, I thought it might attract attention but it mostly confused. I think I will change it. Thanks.