Picture of Making Loki's Sceptor / Staff from the Avengers
Haven't seen a lot of Loki staffs on the net, So I thought Id share how I made mine, that way, you can do the same, or use my same techniques to make something completely different.

If you want to see how to make the main costume, you can follow this link
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Step 1: Tools and materials

Picture of Tools and materials
For this build you will need:

Rotary Dremel Kit

Detail Sander (you can use general sand paper, this just makes things a lot faster)

Craft/box cutting knife

Basic Sculpting tools

Oscillating multitool

Heat Gun

Hot Glue Gun


Builders Bog

EVA foam

Liquid latex or casting silicon

Clear Casting resin

Blue Food coloring or dye



Expanding Foam

Plaster Of Paris or casting plaster

Perspex Plastic

Step 2: Making your stencil.

Picture of Making your stencil.
First thing is first, you have to decide what size you want to make your scepter, You can make your scepter to whatever size, just as long as its the right size for you.  If you make your scepter to big or two small, it will be very obvious very quickly.

For this step, I took a simple image that you can find on the net, Placed it into a drawing program, and added a box grid.  Once you have a grid, you are able to free hand draw this onto a piece of cardboard to use later.

Step 3: Making your stencil 3D

There are many ways of making your 2D image into 3D.

The scepter template was covered on both sides with "builders expanding foam", from there, a hacksaw blade was used to cut away the excess foam around the edge of the template.

From there you simply need to sand, and shape your foam to the shape you want your finished product to be.
joshwelch98 days ago

Very impressive! You did an awesome job on this!

Crafted2983 months ago
ohananya11 months ago
What is the sizes of the scepter???
filmodon12 months ago
Excelente trabajo! Gracias por compartir. Saludos de chile
gah. i need this item so badly and this is so beautiful but i'm not artsy enough D:
woah this cosplay is bloody brilliant. im a huge loki fan and im very critical with loki cosplays... but you really did amazing job :)
nerd121 year ago
which clear coat did you use? Also, love the staff. Not a loki fan, but you look Very much like him. Nice cosplay!
jacqychao1 year ago
Omg, just omg
poofrabbit1 year ago
Congratulations on being a finalist in the Halloween contest (X2)!!! Can’t wait to see if you win! Good luck!
KyleofAsgard (author)  poofrabbit1 year ago
Oh my god twice!!!! I am so happy :D fingers Crossed :D
ecsaul231 year ago
You look just like him! Perfect character choice for you. Great job on the 'ible too
Very nice. You're right, there doesn't seem to be many Loki staff builds and I've kind of been hoping to see one. Thanks for posting yours.
Great build, and amazing costume.
That is really cool
tigerbomb81 year ago
wow well done. i wish i had skills to to things like this..
P.S Scepter is spelt with a "c"
And usually (but not always) spelled "sceptre".
jawasan1 year ago
Wow that looks great! And like "Stunami" stated, you do look the part!
Awesome build but u need the cool hat with the horns!?!?!
stunami1 year ago
Cool Ible! And you look the part too!
Eldjotnar1 year ago
That is absolutely fantastic! Nicely done.
I don't need to say it. But I will. Excellent build. As always!