Making Magic Flaming Bubbles...





Introduction: Making Magic Flaming Bubbles...

Ever felt the need to burn bubbles? Found it wasn't as satisfying as it could be?

Now when you burn bubbles, they burn you...

*Loss of eyebrows not covered by most health insurance companies, please demonstrate adequate safety measures*

Please note that the metacafe usage is likely short term, I'm not mad keen on them but I'm sick of youtube's insane compression amounts and Revver are still reviewing, metacafe come fast...

Step 1: Things You'll Need.

Very little in reality...

- A glue gun or some such, any glue that'll stand up to water.
- A pencil/screwdriver, something to poke a hole in the container...

- A can, I suggest a fizzy drink can since they're thin, a red bull or tall can would be good.
- A lighter reservoir, nothing as fancy as the one here needed, that was the first I found
- A few little bits to attach the two together
- Some shower gel or washing up liquid (I used shower gel since the washing up liquid was downstairs, fairy liquid is one of the best things for this little project)

Step 2: Attaching It Together.

This is relatively simple, poke a hole in the can, make it slightly smaller than the injector nozzle.

For putting it in I used part of a jet lighter nozzle (the bit that the tubing attaches to) screwed in to an adapter from a swan lighter refill can.

Slowly push the nozzle like object in to the hole while twisting it round, this will make a nice hole that fits quite tightly.

Fire up the glue gun or whip out your glue...

Put the nozzle about half way in to the hole and run a bead of glue around it then push it all the way in, gently.

Allow the glue to cool or dry and continue.

Step 3: Fill 'er Up.

First attach all the parts together, so the water doesn't flow back out the nozzle bit, I forgot to do this and it made things a little awkward and a tad messy.

Drop in a little shower gel or other soapy liquid.

Now slowly fill with water, if it doesn't foam up at all then add a bit more soap, we're not trying to foam it up loads but we want to know it will foam up.

Step 4: Bubbling of Doom.

Start adding gas to the can, just keep it flowing until the bubbles have reached a desirable size, I'd suggest watching the video first, a small amount of bubbles can have quite a considerable flame burst...

If I had a higher ceiling I'd possibly let it go for longer.

Soon you'll see a bigger one that auto ignites the bubbles periodically...

I actually got this idea from the way you spray butane in to a cup to make flaming water, I wondered about bubbles and discovered that Mythbusters had already done it when I showed my little brother... What's more worrying is I haven't seen that episode...



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you could also do it by splitting h2o instead of wasting gas

ya but then you have to go through making the whole setup .... it's easier just to use toilet cleaner and tinfoil, put a balloon over top and you get the hindenburg. (anarchists cookbook reference) :D

That is a felony in most states, don't do it.

Sweet. I do this occasionally with mains-gas methane and a washing-up bowl full of suds - bubble in the gas (from a bunsen tap on the lab bench), make a big mound of bubbles, throw in a match. It gives a very satisfying column of fire.

Aye, I'm tempted to use the outdoor gas line we have in the garden I have a hose for it somewhere, natural gas is pretty light, I could probably get floating cloud of bubbles, flick matches at them...

Oh! I think that was in a Mythbuster episode - they filled a dustbin with soapy water, bubbled gas through it to make a bubble tower, several feet tall, and then lit it. They were trying to prove something, but I forget what.


I just thought - if you fed air in at the bottom, with the gas, and lit the mixed bubbles, there's be a much more satisfying flame, possibly a bang.

I was thinking about using an oxy acetylene torch then using a flaming arrow from a crossbow to light it, I imagine the detonation of bubbles would be in the unholy class...

I will give it a go, I have a decent venturi for a torch here, If I use less water I should be able to make it work...

initial tests show air plus gas mix is a bit scarier...