Step 3: Boiling the Sap

On my cast iron fire pit I place some concrete block spacers and top them with an old refrigerator grate. I boil and boil and boil, continually filling the center boiling pot from the warming pot, until all the sap is gone. To boil down 40 gallons of sap could take 2 full days.
<p>Can only collect syrup from maple trees?</p>
<p>Ohhhh I wish I had some trees to milk!!</p>
<p>thanks man thats such an awesome project im going to try it my self</p>
The trees heal over the tap hole, it s not a deep hole. The time it takes to fill the jugs depends on how well the sap is running. Weather and timing are key. I'v only use Maple trees, Sugar Maple is the best.
Does the tree heal over the tap hole? Or must you leave the tap in the tree?
Can you list what trees can be used? Also, how long it takes to collect how much from one tree?
Thanks for showing this process! My folks live in Vermont and they send me containers of Maple syrup from time to time- it's definitely my favorite syrup.
Nice, I have long wondered about this, but never took the opportunity to check up on this. The amount of sap required is what turns me off, mostly. How long does it take to fill (as far as you go) one of the 2.5 gal jugs, and how many times can you fill one from one tree? <br> <br>Thanks,

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