Step 3: Clean the Water

Picture of Clean the Water
Clean the water (if needed): depending on where you collect your water (an ocean beach, a freshwater creek, a stagnant pond), your water may contain suspended matter that you do not want to end up in your salt. You can put this water through any filtration process that you are comfortable with, depending on the purity of your source water - you could use something as course as cheese cloth or even a camping pump-filter. Do NOT filter using a reverse-osmosis system, as this process will remove pharmaceutical compounds - carbon filtration systems will not, however.

We used a nylon paint filter that we bought at a hardware store, because it fit nicely over the 5 gallon buckets. Simply fit the filter over the bucket, pour the water through the filter, then remove the filter when the bucket is full. Your water is now ready to pour into your evaporation pond.