Northwest Haiti Christian Mission Canada has a Mats 4 Haiti Program that distributes milk bag sleeping mats and totes for people in Haiti. I first heard about it when I was talking with some women at a local coffee group. They had an overabundance of milk bag yarn made and ready to be used, but not enough people to make the mats. Since I knew how to crochet I volunteered to try making a mat if they would drop off a load of the yarn at my house.

This instructable will tell you more about why the milk bag mats are useful, how to make your own milk bag yarn, and how to make a milk bag mat.

Northwest Haiti Christian Mission Canada is a registered Canadian charity (#86060 0345 RR0001)

Mats 4 Haiti Program: http://www.nwhcm.ca/mats4haiti.htm

Step 1: Why Milk Bag Mats?

  • To help the environment by recycling plastic milk bags. Did you know that it takes about 15 years for these bags to break down in our landfills? Why not repurpose the bags as a durable and long lasting sleeping mat?
  • To help people who would otherwise be sleeping on the ground or on leaf mats. The mats protect them from dampness and biting insects. Insects make homes in the leaf mats and bite the sleepers throughout the night. The insects do not like to live in the plastic mats. They are also easy to wash and they dry quickly.
  • They provide surgical beds for medical teams in makeshift hospitals and they are used as packing material for the aid containers that are shipped to 3rd world countries. When the aid containers arrive they are unpacked and distributed to those who need them.
<p>charity no longer collecting mats, but can be used for homeless and may be a good scouts [girl or boy] project for camping mats</p>
<p>These are such a charitable and noble way to recycle!</p>
<p>My Kid's Club made these out of regular Wal Mart and grocery store plastic bags for the homeless mission in El Paso. </p>
I want to make these.
This is a wonderful way to recycle. I have to say, I hadn't heard of milk in bags, had to look just to see what it was. :)
We made these for our local homeless and cold weather shelter. Time consuming but so worth the effort!
<p>I am more than excited that you posted this! Thank you for sharing your work and contributing your time and talent to such a worthy cause.</p><p>DeAndra</p>

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