Step 3: Hands on Fire!!

Picture of Hands on Fire!!
It also works with Human Meat!! But I wouldn't recommend it!!
If you do intend to, dip your hand entirely into the alcohol so you don't get burned!!

Enjoy!! and... be safe and careful!!

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nuckthebuck5 years ago
hell just skip the dollar bill and light the solution on fire. and for those of you who want to play a prank on your friends...... grab a ccan of axe(lynx in some areas) cover your hand in it walk into the room with your friends light your hand in front of their face.. then quickly put it out i did this with my whole arm b4 its crazy. or you can do it with germx or gasoline i do not recomend that. becareful have fun!
twonkie125 years ago
you can do the same with germ x or hand sanitizer it will light your hand on fire but it will burn if you dont put it out quickenough
Alskier946 years ago
this is really cool man, i got to admit. Im gunna go try it but i better not burn my hand while doing it XD.
tokune136 years ago
if ur scared u might burn ur hand put patroleum jelly on it
Does your hand hurt while the fire is lit? Like, does it burn?
Jahoovi7 years ago
Blaminator7 years ago
This is so cool!