If you don't have access to a CNC Router (SHOPBOT!) and you want to make multiples of the same shape, you can do it the old school way and get the same results. It just might take a little bit longer, but the outcome is the same.

(If i win the ShopBot i'll make plenty of these and give them to instructables, they are very comfy!!)

Things you'll need:

  - template shape (existing or made from scratch)
  - Router table/Hand Router
  - Flush Trim Router bit
  - scrap plywood
  - double stick tape/finish nailer

Step 1: Make Your Template

Make a template.

Use material that is easy to smooth over (MDF) because flush trim bits pick up on any inconsistency in your template. Those inconsistencies translate to the duplicate pieces you create. I used a piece of CDX ply because it was all I had around although this is not an ideal material in that it is hard to get a clean edge.
I love the idea, it's simple and seems effective. <br>I'm personally not keen on the instagram look of your pictures... I would have preferred more detailed and clear images. <br>Thanks for the great instructables!
Just got a new router table for this very reason! Thanks for the reminder!
wow thanks i find this very helpfull
Very Interesting, it gives me a few Ideas...

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