Step 4: Make a Wineglass Flashlight

Picture of Make a Wineglass Flashlight

Phosphorescent Flashlight
The green and aqua phosphorescent powders are bright enough that a simple glow flashlight can be made with them using a plastic wineglass. When charged with a UV light for 30 seconds, it will give out enough light for about ten minutes to read or easily walk around a totally dark room. It will then dim but continue to glow fairly brightly all night. While not that practical as a source of light, it is an interesting phenomenon.

The flashlight was made by first flattening the bottom by filling the inside bottom of the glass with a round plug of Oogoo. An Oogoo mix of 1 corn starch to 1 silicone caulk was used to make a flat and white reflective surface to take the Ooglo paint. After it cured, the bottom was then painted with two coats of Ooglo paint.

I wanted to keep the inside of the wineglass reflective, so I then then painted the outside of the wineglass with two coats of Ooglo. Over that I put a thin coat of white Oogoo to reflect back the light. Over that I did one more thin coat of blue Oogoo so the outside of the flashlight wouldnt be too bright to night adapted eyes.

The thumbnail pic shows the wineglass flashlight in daylight.