There are many ways to make PCB.

My favorite method is with Heat Toner Transfer Paper and Laminator.


Step 1:

Cut the copper board and clean the surface.

Step 2:

Print PCB pattern on paper with draft mode.

Put the Heat Toner Transfer Paper on printed draft image and taped.

Then print PCB pattern again with high quality mode.

Step 3:

Cut printed Heat Toner Transfer Paper and put on the copper board and taped.

Put the copper board and Heat Toner Transfer Paper into the laminator about 10 times.

Step 4:

Put off the Heat Toner Transfer Paper.

Check the pin holes and dot on them with marker.

Step 5:


<p>I'm currently hacking my laminator and replaced the old electronics with a little controller so I can use it for what it's intended and also for transferring at higher temperatures. So far it seems to work, but I have to watch it for a moment - don't want my house burned down... Hope I can publish an i'ble about that soon.</p>
<p>Hi, ThomasK19.</p><p>I think it is very important and is not easy to select good laminator or doing good hacking. I was lucky to find nice laminator.<br>Your report must be helpful for hobbyists.</p>
<p>Most likely, though I've seen a video from a Russian guy who had a quite primitive laminator with a bi-metal thermo switch that he replaced with a higher rating. Mine has a NTC/thyristor switch which I could rework so I can adjust different temperatures. As said, I have to do a little more testing. But when it's working I'll publish the results and leave a note here.</p>
<p>I make use of the same method. <br>I use &quot;Press-a-Peel&quot; transfer paper. I found out that 12 times through my laminator at 175um setting gives excellent results.</p><p>For etching, I use Ammonium Persulphate.</p><p>For etching, I use </p>
<p>Hi, Eric.</p><p>I had previously used Press-n-peel Blue.</p><p>That is 20 times as expensive as Heat Toner Transfer Paper :'(.</p><p>.</p>

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