Step 5: Developing

After the exposure, the board should be immersed into the development solution immediately.
This solution is made of 10gr NaOH in 1 L water (you can do a lot of pcb's with one liter).
Put the solution into a plastic or glass tray and immerse the board in it for about 1 min.

Wear gloves to protect your skin and safety goggles!

Shake the board around a bit and after a minute in the solution a faint 'picture' of your layout should appear. Quickly rinse your board with clean cold water to stop the development proces.
You do not print a <em>negative</em>. In Eagle you view the board looking from the top so when using a single sided board you just print the bottom layer as it is. The toner will be on the surface of the film and thus next to the board when exposed.<br> If making a double sided board, the <em>top </em>traces and pads will need to be printed <em>mirrored</em> so that the toner side of the print will be next to the board when exposed
You are correct it should be 'mirrored' and not negative. (English is only my 4th language and I somethines can't find the correct words) I changed it.<br><br>But you should be aware that both layers need to be mirrored as some software prints the bottomside as seen from the bottom unlike Eagle.
I only speak 2 languages and I probaly can't speak your first language at all:-)<br> I only commented to make it clear for other readers. To this end, I repeat, if using Eagle, you do <strong>not</strong> print the bottom layer mirrored.
Your comment was very much appreciated!
*NaOH. Sodium is Na, not NA.
completely right! I'll change it.
I am compulsively annoying when it comes to grammar/chemistry/spelling.
It's not annoying. I don't mind it if anyone points out a mistake or a typo.
*facepalm*<br><br>I'd been having TONS of trouble getting a dark enough pattern with my laser printer. This is just what I need! Now I can start using the photoresist method again.

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