Step 5: Developing

Picture of Developing
After the exposure, the board should be immersed into the development solution immediately.
This solution is made of 10gr NaOH in 1 L water (you can do a lot of pcb's with one liter).
Put the solution into a plastic or glass tray and immerse the board in it for about 1 min.

Wear gloves to protect your skin and safety goggles!

Shake the board around a bit and after a minute in the solution a faint 'picture' of your layout should appear. Quickly rinse your board with clean cold water to stop the development proces.
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HMBeck4 years ago
*NaOH. Sodium is Na, not NA.
janw (author)  HMBeck4 years ago
completely right! I'll change it.
HMBeck janw4 years ago
I am compulsively annoying when it comes to grammar/chemistry/spelling.
janw (author)  HMBeck4 years ago
It's not annoying. I don't mind it if anyone points out a mistake or a typo.