Here is a bit of a raw version about how I made a plastic bearing holder for a sliding door. My dad asked me if I could make him one with the Printrbot i bought for the school I teach. Since I thought it would be a good practice project to learn to use the thing and to learn using the 123D apps. My pupils work with iPads so I tried to do it completely on my iPad.  That however wasn't possible due to some restrictions in the app, especially concerning precise measurements. I printed the part in ABS but found it a bit brittle and might try it in nylon later.

The steps I've used can be transferred to any other small broken part off course (Since i didn't take pictures off all the steps i mixed it with some of doing the same for another part)

Step 1: Meassuring

I measured the part with a digital calipers and notated these measurements. The note you see here is from another part though. I lost the one of this one.

Step 2: Using 123D Design on an IPad

Here I'll show you some screenshots of the designing in the 123d design app.

Step 3: The Printing

Drie hoeraatjes voor de 3D printers :-) Heb je m'n &quot;push puppet&quot; gezien? <br> <br>Y.
Hoera,hoera,hoera! (Da's hoera in 3d). Ja, zag hem in mijn updates. Nog niet goed bekeken maar ga ik zeker doen. Momenteel ook druk met het opzetten van een fablab in Alkmaar: http://www.kaasfabriek.nl/<br>We staan over drie weken op het OHM hackers/makers festival<br>Wordt leuk. Jij was toch ook betrokken bij makersfair in Groningen? Er zijn plannen om ergens volgend jaar hier ook een te organiseren met de Kaasfabriek.<br>

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