Making Replacement Parts With a 3d Printer and 123D App





Introduction: Making Replacement Parts With a 3d Printer and 123D App

Here is a bit of a raw version about how I made a plastic bearing holder for a sliding door. My dad asked me if I could make him one with the Printrbot i bought for the school I teach. Since I thought it would be a good practice project to learn to use the thing and to learn using the 123D apps. My pupils work with iPads so I tried to do it completely on my iPad.  That however wasn't possible due to some restrictions in the app, especially concerning precise measurements. I printed the part in ABS but found it a bit brittle and might try it in nylon later.

The steps I've used can be transferred to any other small broken part off course (Since i didn't take pictures off all the steps i mixed it with some of doing the same for another part)

Step 1: Meassuring

I measured the part with a digital calipers and notated these measurements. The note you see here is from another part though. I lost the one of this one.

Step 2: Using 123D Design on an IPad

Here I'll show you some screenshots of the designing in the 123d design app.

Step 3: The Printing



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    Drie hoeraatjes voor de 3D printers :-) Heb je m'n "push puppet" gezien?


    Hoera,hoera,hoera! (Da's hoera in 3d). Ja, zag hem in mijn updates. Nog niet goed bekeken maar ga ik zeker doen. Momenteel ook druk met het opzetten van een fablab in Alkmaar:
    We staan over drie weken op het OHM hackers/makers festival
    Wordt leuk. Jij was toch ook betrokken bij makersfair in Groningen? Er zijn plannen om ergens volgend jaar hier ook een te organiseren met de Kaasfabriek.