Step 5: The Best Batch

Picture of The Best Batch
I made another batch and packed it into a homemade rocket motor casing that had a nozzle made from kitty litter. I was impressed to see it actually worked! I think this rocket shot up a couple thousand feet.

If you haven't see the video yet, it's not too late.  Watch it here!

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Fission Chips10 months ago

Upon making this with a friend, we were both ecstatic to see it shoot high up into the air! Great Instructable. I love your videos!

yac1 year ago

I really like your videos man! They are awsome and very helpful, perfect for passing the time or expirementing in fun homemade tricks. I have succefully made this r-candy but would really like to make a homemade rocket like you did in the video, could you please make a video on how to make those?

I have seen this before, where did you find the proper stump remover- Home Depot does not have the right kind.
I made some in the past with salt Peter which you could buy in the pharmacy back in the day.
As far as kitty litter goes, it's bentonite clay. There was a DIY sold in popular science back prior to 911 on how to make your own rocket engines, very similar , great post!!

Where's the actual recipe? 60/40 isn't a recipe ... it's a hint. 60% What? 40% What?

How much rust? 60+40=100 so that's not a solution either.

Did you watch the video?
FrozenIce2 years ago
You're dangerous... I like you.
The King of Random (author)  FrozenIce2 years ago
You're forward .. I like you back :)
chipstein2 years ago
What nostalgia your Instructable provokes. 50 years ago I made similar mixtures, and baked out the water in my mother's oven. One day a batch of fuel ignited. But mom was a trooper; she understood that the inside of an oven is the safest place to have a fire. I hope that nowadays the Department of Homeland Security will be as understanding.
veeguy2 years ago
Can you expound on your statement that you made a rocket nozzle from kitty litter? I know it is a type of clay, but do you mix it with water to form a paste or use some other method to form it?