Making Seed Tapes


Introduction: Making Seed Tapes

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A home way to make your own seed tapes.

Step 1:

Start with bathroom tissue. Split off about 5-6 sheets.

Step 2:

Cut the tissue in half the full length of the strip.

Step 3:

Mix up water and flour to make a paste. Spread a strip of paste along the length in one line to accept the seeds.

Step 4:

Spread the seeds along the tape as per instructions on the packet of seeds.

Step 5:

Fold over the tissue in half to cover the seeds.

Step 6:

Write on the tissue what the seeds are. So you don't forget or mix them up. Hang up the tape to dry.

When ready to plant in the ground, roll them into the soil to depth required and cover over. Water as usual.

The tissue and paste will dissolve and then the fun begins.

Happy Gardening.



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    Great idea! I will definitely use this, thanks!

    1 reply

    Thanks. Sometime the simplest things are the best.