Introduction: Making Shakeology Taste Delicious in a Minute or Less

Shakeology is more than a protein shake. This shake has a large variety of nutritional ingredients used for different purposes. That being said, I can talk to you about the nutritional value of this product but I know you can take a look for yourself. I drink it because truthfully it has improved my overall mood and self control when facing tough dietary choices. (Like the possibility of donuts.). I also find myself recovering more quickly from workouts and having more energy. I am a recreational athlete and that is very important to me. If you have never tried it, I would encourage you to do so, feel free to contact me. Shakeology is something I love and have to have every day! I like to add to the flavor of it, but I'm a lazy girl in the kitchen with a busy life and usually lack the time or motivation to get my blender out. Here are some things you can do to make your daily Shakeology taste great in your shaker bottle without having to do much.

Step 1: Disclaimer

I use items in my shakes that may contain artificial ingredients. I am not concerned by it at all and if you are you might want to find an alternative method for improving your shakes.

Step 2: Choose Your Flavor

There are several flavors of Shakeology to choose from. I prefer Greenberry at the moment but I also like chocolate. Here are all of the flavors available:
Chocolate (Vegan available)
Strawberry (Vegan available)

Step 3: Greenberry and Strawberry

Option 1: To make these flavors taste better, I use Crystal Light when I mix it. If you are concerned about the aspartame or chemicals, you can also use Vitamin Water Zero which has Stevia. When you are making Shakeology on the go, the flavor drops that mix with water are really good for this.
Calories Added - 5

Option 2: There are some wonderful flavored teas out there. Arizona Green Tea with is wonderful with these flavors. You can also use any kind of fruit juice but I would highly recommend cutting it with some water.
Calories added - 50 to 150 depending on amount.

Mixing Directions: Put 8-12 ounces of chilled beverage of choice in shaker bottle with small amount of ice, add Shakeology, shake vigorously for at least 30 seconds. I am not big on keeping my drinks cold but Shakeology is always better cold to me.

Step 4: Chocolate and Vanilla

For optimum flavor, I would add almond milk. It's going to cost you a few calories, but you know as well as I do that creamier is better. I usually add about 4 ounces of almond milk and make the rest water, but if you want it really creamy, up to 12 ounces.
Calories Added - 50 to 90

Additional Flavoring Options: PB2 blends well with these flavors and I really enjoy PB2 with just about anything. It is a powdered peanut product that you can mix into different things and it tastes very close to peanut butter. Cinnamon and ginger are always favorites of mine. No calories there! Also, Torani sugar free syrups are a good choice, especially if you are concerned about calories. I have the salted caramel and sometimes I just use water, chocolate Shakeology, and the caramel sugar free syrup. It is very good and no additional calories! They have a large variety of flavors too. You can really mix it up.
Calories Added: Varies

Mixing Directions: Put 8-12 ounces of cold almond milk or water in your shaker. Add Torani syrup if desired. If you are going to add PB2, add it with the Shakeology powder. Mix in shaker bottle with small amount of ice and shake vigorously for at least 30 seconds.

Step 5: Where Can I Get Shakeology

You can get Shakeology by itself or with a workout by talking to a Beachbody Coach. Since I am one, please feel free to message me and I will be happy to help.
If you are interested in getting any of the Beachbody workouts such as Insanity, Turbofire, T25, or PiYo, I would recommend getting a challenge pack. I wanted to have PiYo and Shakeology, so I bought the challenge pack and the PiYo DVDs were only $10 after my Shakeology.
Just FYI, most people who will talk to you about Shakeology are Beachbody Coaches. The reason for that is: If you actually use Shakeology every day, you'd be an idiot not to be a coach. It costs less to order Shakeology AND be a coach than to just order Shakeology due to the coach discount. I became a coach because there was no fee to become one after I took the PiYo challenge and I knew I would want to continue drinking Shakeology.

Step 6: Enjoy It!

Drinking it daily is recommended for long term results.


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hey my Names is Erik i am a emerald coach at beachbody if your still in it please reaspond

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Some people actually drink or want to drink Shakeology! To them it's helpful, but to you it's junk. Fair enough! :-)

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Well crafted, but still spam...

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