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As we know that it is difficult to light up a led with AA 1.5 battery because it glows very dull or it may not work due to insufficient charge present in cell for lighting a led. I have tried a lot to make it glow and searched a lot for it. I finally got this wonderful joule thief which can glow up a led light perfectly.

Step 1: Things Required:

1.AA 1.5 battery.

2.2N2222 npn transistor.

3.Wires [around 1-2 m long].

4.Toroid core.


6.Solder Iron.

Step 2: Procedure:

Picture of Procedure:

Take all the things mentioned in 'things required' and connect them in a order given in above circuit.

Step 3: Result:

You will notice that light glows up brighter and brighter. This is because the electrons in the circuit speeds up its flowing and the magnetic field produced in the toroid core converts into electricity which results in increase of the battery's electrical power.

Step 4: Conclusion:

Picture of Conclusion:

This is a mini joule thief but we can also produce 220v output by replacing the transistor with TIP31 and some small adjustments. I didn't tried this super joule thief but I saw it in web site. I hope you will like it and comment or favourite it. Please vote me if you like it.


Venkat Jayanth (author)2016-09-23

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