I started making paper snowflakes pretty much from the moment my parents decided young me could be trusted not to maim herself or her siblings with scissors. There was a dearth of papercutting during my teenage years, but I picked it up again in college. Oh boy did I ever pick it up again. :B

Here's how I do what I do.

Time: Varies
Skill: Moderate
Caution: This project calls for the use of very sharp knives.


Step 1: Materials

Need for Sure
  • Paper
  • Craft knife (X-acto, etc.) or very sharp, fine-tipped scissors. Craft knives are better, though.
  • Cutting mat. I find flattened cereal boxes are excellent for this. (Don't use corrugated cardboard as a cutting mat. The knives will just punch right through the top layer into the spaces between, making your cuts too large and destroying any fine details there might be in your design.)
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Protractor
  • Ruler
  • Compass
  • Various design templates and stencils
<p>WOW.. This snowflakes are so hardcore..I can't even do it..They are sooooo pretty,though</p>
<p>Start simple and work your way up. That's how I got to this point. Use an easy design with large shapes and a mix of straight and curved lines to develop good knife technique, then start ramping up the difficulty (or if you're anything like me, gleefully throwing yourself off of the Difficulty Cliff).</p>
may I order a Superman one I will pay you for it
<p>I charge $15 per snowflake (more if they're really detailed). PM me if you're serious about this.</p>
<p>I did this last winter with colored/sparkly tissue paper but am nowhere NEAR this level. The best I did was an angel with a heart cut out on her chest (&amp; she had a seriously lopsided head, lol). These are works of art &amp; I'm so glad you take the time to laminate &amp; preserve them. Can't wait to see more!! Beautiful!</p>
<p>I know one person on deviantART who most often makes snowflakes out of metallic wrapping paper. It's really thin, so it's great for tiny details, but definitely must be laminated because the flakes will tear super easy otherwise.</p>
<p>Wonderful work! Have you ever played around with the Make-a-Flake site for inspiration? It's fun to see what people have done there. <a href="http://snowflakes.barkleyus.com/" rel="nofollow">http://snowflakes.barkleyus.com/</a><br><br>I've been obsessed with making detailed six-sided paper snowflakes for years. Yours are amazing. Keep it up!</p>
<p>One of the site's creators sent me a link after coming across my snowflakes a few years ago, in fact. Can't say I like the new UI at all; it used to be way easier to draw things. There are some neat designs, but I've never used the site much.</p>
<p>You had me at stabby, cutty things!!!! Awesome ible!!</p>
<p>Man this is freaking AMAZING!!!! I'm mesmerized!!</p>
Great job. Thinking of a tattoo ideas like this.
Good thing I'm on the toilet cuz I just CRAPPED MYSELF!!!
LIKE A BOSS, indeed! So intricate and made of awesome
<p>These are amazing! </p>
<p>You are indeed, a boss.</p>

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