NOTE: See my previous video, 'Making Sodium Metal' to see how I make sodium in the first place.

The reaction is as follows: 2Mg + 2NaOH = 2MgO + 2Na + H2

This is my new process of reacting NaOH and Mg in a water cooled soup can for creating elemental sodium. I also show a far from perfect extraction process to remove the sodium from the slag. It accomplishes its purpose, however inefficiently.
<p>Have you tried to melt the sodium on a hotplate under anhydrous oil for purification?</p>
Can you explain what your doing a little more <br>
I'll have to try this sometime. Also, if your want a more violent (but faster) reaction, certain acids work better than water doe. Whilst messing around at home with some lithium, I discovered that using vinegar instead of water turns my exploding water bottles into hill-billy hand grenades... Use them as flash-bangs in airsoft wars. Takes a little bit of the milsim out of it though, since if you look at it when it goes off it actually creates quite a flash. <br><br>That's just my personal experience though.
Have you tried heating the crude product (in oil) it melts ~100<sup>o</sup>C.<br /> Otherwise you might <em>press</em> it through mesh (e.g. smoker's screens for pipes) perhaps?<br /> <br /> L<br /> <br />
I have attempted to melt the product under oil, but the Na has not separated despite being liquid. I will preform further experiments in summer.<br />

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