Introduction: Spider Made From Cable Ties for Props Decor Halloween

Hello , This is a little spider made from a couple cable ties so is a very cheap spider props and easy to make it.

You can paste it where the wall or anywhere you like, you can also make a spider living in various sizes using cable ties with a certain size you want and a variety of colors or you can use paint in order get a rich color. How to do the same. and now let's create our own spider props.

Step 1: Material and First Step

Material you need for this project :

-15 cable ties (Select size or color you want)



-spray paint (optional)

-thin double tape

first step :

take one cable ties as the first benchmark. then grab a cable ties and kuncikan on the trunk cable ties first, look at the picture no 2, then the belt longer cable ties as the first to 10 cable ties that bound to the trunk cable ties first. look at the last picture.

Step 2: Step 2 :

After ten cable ties locked at one bound pushing, one cable ties that lock onto become the axis of the bond look at pic no 1 and 2, and the ends of the cable ties that lock the input to the Chief cable ties which becomes the axis so that it becomes a circle look at pic no 3 and 4.

Next, plug the cable ties at each end of the cable ties and shaft lock, Next, plug the cable ties at each end of the cable ties the shaft and lock. and make a knot then all ends in tie with cable ties and become the tail of the spider pic no.5 cut at the tail end of an already bound .pic no 6-8

Step 3: Step 3

After all the ends of the truncated form of the spider was already beginning to look.

take the cable ties the claws spider to 5-6 of cable ties bound wrote, form folds like in pictures no 2-3, then cut the taper the already folded last so formed like fangs. Now already formed throughout the body of the spider, and is now live the legs folding so that it looks like a spider that is being crawled. look pic no 1-6

buckling at the rank of foot, middle and a bit on the end of the cable ties that became spider leg, follow to throughout walk look at pic no 7-11

Step 4: Step 4

This step is Optional you can use a colour cable ties and no need this step, But if you want to spider you more interesting you can do this. i use a black and green spray paint to coloring my spider black for the body and toe and green for the ankle so that the gradient as shown.

to be able to stick on the wall using the double tape on the toe. and finally.... your spider hanging out at your walls House ..............

Happy Halloween everyone ^, ^


DivineDragon1952 (author)2015-11-12

I'm going to make a few of these for my apartment. Theory is that if you have spiders and they see a spider bigger than themselves they will leave to live somewhere else. Going to try it and see if it works, wish me luck. By the way, your instructable is awesome and the spider looks very nice.


greats, I've heard of it, deserved theori now my desk is free of small spiders typically make nests in each corner.. :D Thankyou


Yeah, I have a spider infestation in my apartment so I figured I would give it a go. I might make some for all the tenants so their spiders will go too. Glad to hear you got rid of your desk spiders this way. You have my vote for this instructable, it's quite awesome.


Thankyou for theory and thankyou for your vote :)


Your welcome. Thank you for the cool instructable.


greats, I've heard of it, deserved theori now my desk is free of small spiders typically make nests in each corner.. :D Thankyou

journeyben (author)2015-09-27

the simply think, like this


:) yea i think so

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