Making Spiral Wire Wrap Tube for Cable Organizing





Introduction: Making Spiral Wire Wrap Tube for Cable Organizing

Hello there!

If you have something ended in your bathroom that was stored in a bottle with a push dispenser like that on the photo, that means you have some free nice parts for your projects!

This is my first instructable and it is very simple! All you need is a knife, the sharper - the better! :)

Step 1:

Just disassemble it as you like, with a help of knife.

Here you can see a nice spring. Where you can use it? Where you want.

Step 2:

Then, to get that little nice cable organizer, just cut the tube into spiral. As you can see on photos, you already start getting spiral wire wrap tube.

These tubes are exactly stiff enough not to break but to hold form of a tube.

I`ve disassembled few of these push dispensers and ended up with some springs and little glass bowls. Two springs are equal, and I`ll try to use them in my 3d printer extruder. If someone will collect enough of these little glass bowls, he`ll be able to make some bearing maybe. :)



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    I used to make such spirals in my childhood using empty gel pen refills and a sharpener but never realised they can be so useful. Great idea

    Идея, если это можно назвать идеей, для нищих. Исполнение - колхозное!

    Тот, кому надо, заценил. А вы постарайтесь больше не покидать свой маленький мирок понтов. Вы ведь выше этого. Это ведь для нищих. Лучше немедленно выбросить мусор, чем пытаться его переработать, так ведь? Язвительные, неконструктивные коментарии валите писать в рунет.

    Не кормите тролля. Идея супер!

    I had these objects in my recycle boxes . But you gave me the idea now !! .thanks a lot.

    I like to use the black dripper tubing from the garden center, then I slide a bamboo skewer stick down the inside to cut against. Use a utility knife with a new blade slide it all the way out. Place the skewered tube on the workbench, hold the knife at an angle to the tube, press down and roll the whole thing across the bench. you can adjust your angle of cut to get tighter or looser spiral.