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    Stinging nettle is very healthy indeed, even healthier than spinach. Just remember to check where you pick it up. Big no no's are next to roads(cars, exhaust gas) and places that are overly fertilized.(behind outdoor toilets, pretty much everywhere where there is lots of poop)
    I stopped using gloves last summer when picking up stinging nettle. when your hands are full of stings, it stops itching and starts to feel kind of good, because of the stronger bloodflow in hands.(also it only lasts a day or two.)
    In old times it was said helping with Rheumatism

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    Thanks for your info. Its a greatly unused and un -credited plant. I let it grow now instead of pulling it out of my garden!

    With respect to Triumphman: cotton gloves aren't enough for me - - my elbow length 'rose pruning' gloves are barely enough to handle stinging nettles. Also: be sure to wear heavy long pants and sleeves to cover anything your gloves don't!

    Take time out away from your i-phone, tablet, computer, and let your eyes re- adjust. Look outside, at the distant trees, a bird , the sky, a cloud. Your eyes will thank you! I have done this. My eyes were failing from all the new technology. So I got away from it for a while and now I see much better. Truth be told, your eyes are the window to your soul. Don't ruin them. Please! God only gave us one pair!

    Thank you! It is over 25 years old. My lovely wife and I got them down in the Big Apple! Really great place to shop for things like this. They have barley shown any wear ! I have only taken it off on really rough work projects. So it is a great ring!

    Wow, We have a farm full of stinging nettle, I really need to do some on the above creative things with it. I especially like the cordage and reading about the cloth in China! I have a hand loom and a large loom I inherited, I've always wanted to learn how to spin so, hey, now is my chance and I don't even have to raise sheep or llamas!!!

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    You can squeeze dye from the leaves too! Light green to dark green!

    Juice from leaves for Nosebleeds, poison ivy rash, skeeter bites, sunburn , razor burn, and more!

    You mean I don't have to hate those pesky plants?
    BTW, not only is your instructable brilliant and well-done, you're whetted our appetites for instructables about primitive tools. Please!

    I ate some top leaves and buds. Wow, what a difference. I felt the power of the vitamins! Such a great plant! The hell with pharmacy and store bought chemicals. Natural is way better and free.Just remember what Ben Franklin said " Everything in moderation" ! Be safe, research and know your plants well.