Introduction: Making Wooden Screw-Down Knobs ( the Easy Way )

Picture of Making Wooden Screw-Down Knobs ( the Easy Way )

Making wooden screw down knobs.


Coach Bolts



Epoxy resin

28 mm/35 mm Forstener bit or spade bits

60 mm Holesaw

Step 1: Marking Out Template

Picture of Marking Out Template

I've made a simple template for the shape of the wooden knob, draw 2 circles 1 at 60mm and the other at 75mm divide the 75mm in 3 equal parts and transfer the centre and the 3 out side marks through to the plywood with a point . then drill through with 3mm drill then countersink the holes on both sides. (the countersink help with locating Holesaw and Forstner bits

Step 2: Cutting the Handgrips

Picture of Cutting the Handgrips

Using the 28 mm forstner in the middle hole drill down to 6 mm this is to locate the spacer when assembling, now drill right through with the 35 mmbit all the outer holes

Step 3: Hole Sawing

Picture of Hole Sawing

Cut out the knob body with the 60 mm Hole saw ,then cut out the spacer with the 28 mm Hole saw

Step 4: Putting Rounds on and Inserting the Coach Bolt

Picture of Putting Rounds on and Inserting the Coach Bolt

Round the main body of the knob I'm using my table router for this but it could be done with a rasp.

Insert the coach bolt in main body of knob,the coach bolt as a square just under the head this needs to be hammered flush into the plywood

Step 5: Final Assembly

Picture of Final Assembly

Glue the 28 mm spacer with wood glue and epoxy the washer to the bottom and then tighten everything down with a nut and wrench

Step 6: Finish and Paint

Picture of Finish and Paint

Put some nuts on the coach bolt to protect the threads from the chuck and then sand to a smooth finish i used automotive paint primer and top coat.

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Step 7:


seamster (author)2015-12-10

Nice! I'm planning a slew of fixtures I want to make, and will have to make bunch of screw down knobs. This looks like a great technique. Thanks for sharing!

hi thanks for the comments

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