Create a new and different look to ordinary jars. Add a variety of different looks and colors to your home in an easy and fun project.

If you want a unique jar that can hold a candle that brings flair to your house and no one else has, then this is perfect for you. This project can be done in just one afternoon. 

This is a very simple project so anyone can do so, even if you have never created anything.

This is also a relativity cheap project, depending on the quality of the jars.

Step 1: Materials

Materials Needed:
• Glass Jar(s) (amount up to you) I used 3 jars.

• Yarn or String. Thickness may vary to add a different look.

• Spray Paint. Any color, but I used a White Flat can.

• Paper or Newspaper. This is used lay down while spraying the jars.

• Scissors

• Candles (same amount as jars)

• Lighter

• Towel. Used for drying water off of jars.

<p>Mothers Day Gift.</p>
excuse me, how they shine? am i supposed to use lamps in jars???
<p>You put the candles into the jars and light them.</p>

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