Introduction: Teaching Your Dog Lie Down

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In this instructable I will be showing you how to make your dog lie down. :)

Step 1: Starting

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Make sure your dog knows you have treats and make sure he is sitting before you start.

Step 2: Hand Sign

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There are many different hand signs you can use to ensure your dog is paying attention and knows it's time to lie down. I put my hand regular straight position.

Step 3: Motion

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Move your hand towards the ground and your puppy will follow! (hopefully)

Step 4: Puppy Succeeded!

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If your puppy does not succeed try again letting him know if he did it right with your tone of voice.

Step 5: Rewards

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If your puppy completes the task and lies down reward him with praise and treats.

Step 6: YAY :)

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Then give him a biiiigggggg hug!


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