First off this Instructable assumes you have no  experience using flash. I'f you know a little but have never made a game before skip the first steps involving the use of tools. 
I've been  cursing this site for a while and haven't come across many Flash tutorials so i decided to make one. If this site isn't really for this type of software instructions then I apologize.
Most websites are flash based, so is YouTube.
Creating a game in Flash can be super complicated or vary simple (this one is super simple). I have tried to be vary thorough in this ible but if i missed something or you need help comment your problem.
Also I realize this Instructable will probably have allot of steps for a simple project, but don't be intimidated Flash takes a bit of getting used to but it is easy. 

First off the requirements:
Any version of Adobe Flash (link to 30 day free trial)
Key Board

Step 1: Setting Up

I assume you already have flash or at least know how to download and install it. If not there's probably an Instructable for that. 

First thing to do is open up a new Action Script 2 document.
Next we need to set the size of the game's play area. Modify --> Document. The default size is OK  but being able to change the size of the stage is good to know.
Also a few useful shortcuts (sorry i don't know the mac equivalent) Hold Alt while dragging to copy, Hold Alt with the magnifying glass to zooom out., Ctrl Z to undo , ant Ctrl T for free transform. (These are the ones that I use most often)

Look at the picture for the names of the different areas of the program yours may not be in the same place but they will look the same. You can move them around by dragging the gray bit at the top and moving it wherevers, if it turns blue it will be docked.  If it is completely absent it will be under the Window tab at the top. 

<ul><li> thanks for the help</ul>
<p>Hello, i'm searching learn Adobe Flash &amp; Action Script, also can be Adobe Director, i wonder if you have some of tutorials or some thing else to learn. I'm student and i develop in Java, also i'm graphic designer and illustrator, i've been making my own sprites for the game that i have in mind, thanks you.</p>

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