Introduction: Make Your Own All Purpose Cleaner

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I have made my own all purpose cleaners for years! It is so simple and requires only three things-water, spray bottle and cleaning fluid.

Step 1: Mix

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I use recycled spray bottles from previous purchases.....Clean them out well with hot water.

I add about 2 cups of cleaning fluid into the spray bottle and fill the rest of it with water.

That's it! It is ready to use.

I use it to clean my counters, spot clean floors, use it as you would any all purpose cleaner.

***I used a sharpie to label what is in the bottle.

Step 2: Other Homemade All Purpose Cleaners

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Do the same steps for these all purpose too!

Bleach cleaner,Pines sol all purpose cleaner and an ammonia spray that I use on windows too.


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