Making Your Own Completely Free Website (And Server)

Who wouldn't like a website of their own?

Even if you don't know what you would use it for, a website, or just a server alone, is something very useful. And fun.

I found myself in need of a website. But not one from a "Create your own website" site. Because it's never your own if you get it from one of those. You either end up with and the end of the URL, or you can bearly change the appearance of the site. You really can't get what you want from one of those.

So, I set off on something I had been planning for a long time. Creating my own, real website.
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Step 1: What You Need

You don't need a lot to make a server. But some things make it much easier. Here's a list of things you should have to make it much easier, and then a list of basic list of things.

Best List:

An Extra Computer To Use as a Server (Preferably a Desktop)
A Computer Other Then The New Server
Internet (Preferably with wires, but wireless works too)
A Brain (Or Another Brain To Help You Out)

Minimal List:

A Computer

For my server, I used an old computer built from parts I trash picked.
For a very over used saying, "One mans trash is another mans treasurer" is very true.
Or in this case, one mans trash is another mans website.

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aeray4 years ago
If I was to attempt this, which I would like to do, what kind of (server) desktop (specs, etc) should I look for?
0Ihavenousername0 (author)  aeray4 years ago
Well, basically any working desktop is fine. The one I use as a server only has a 20gb hard drive, a small amount of RAM, and an old Pentium 3 processor.

I guess it depends on how many people you think will be visiting, and the content of the website. If your going to have a lot of audio, video, or pictures, you'll want a larger hard drive to store it all. And if you think you'll have a lot of people visiting, more RAM might be a good idea. But still, any old computer is fine really.

And even if you start with a small amount of memory and RAM, you could always upgrade later on. It takes a while to get any website noticed, and it even took me a very long time to get listed on Google. So starting small is always fine.
abirj11 days ago
What .com costs

Thank you so much, but could you mention how to make multiple web pages if possible? just out of curiosity.

if you want you can just upload new something.html file to apache and make a html link to it on your index page. or if you want for same server get another name server

my website takes me router configuration page instead of my website when i visit it

please help

qazxsw210002 years ago
I like php better than html because php contains (and supports) html and some scripting. Plus, it's easy to learn. If you already know HTML, you already know a lot of php minus the scripting. However, html is the only one that computers that aren't servers can read.

Do you recommend learning php FIRST over HTML or learning BOTH simultaneously? I ran my own website using someone's script, there was always something lacking, especially and particulary when it came to streaming videos. I became quite frustrated when something needed tweaked or changed or fixed, I was limited because I did not know programming. I want to be able to fix my own website problems if necessary or upgrade or add components to my scripts if necessary without being at the mercy of programmers. Can you point me in the right direction?

HTML first (with CSS). Then PHP. HTML contains all the elements and tags and structural stuff. CSS should contain all of the styling. And PHP can inject the pages with dynamic things (like comments stored in a database).

Hi, i am wondering if someone can please give advice, we send a lot of emails but our smtp has a limit and restrictions, what I want to know if setting up your own server and managing it if there will still be that 3rd party that has limits and restrictions or would I be able to manage does policies

9DIGI1 month ago

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avideo6661 year ago
I dont find this option on my router(linksys e4200), Is this port forwarding or what ?

In most of the routers, port forwarding is also known as virtual servers. Check there. It must be there.

I want to make my own team speak 3 Server, and is that possible if yes then how?
PaulC52 months ago

lovely article

I have my PC from which i code, another PC which is lying unused(Hark Disk 80GB) and a slow Internet Connection!

Should I connect additional Hard Disks to the PC and use it as a server ?
Or should I be continuing with the Hosting company(Hostgator), I think hosting in India is quite expensive so wanted to make my own server.
If i made it can i connect my site with it ?
I have one site at GoDaddy!

احمدن3 months ago

That was great....

but i cannot log into my router it says "The connection has timed out"

please help and thanks.

Try typing into your browser instead. That is most people's default IP for their router.

surendram3 months ago

thanks bro i really need this...

i will make the website

GuruappaP4 months ago

Thanks a ton for this article....!! You are truly inspiring...

dkop13 years ago
Do you know how I could do this on an IMAC running os 9.2.1? I don't really want to use my laptop for this, and that old mac is my "other" computer I use to play around with and experiment.
0Ihavenousername0 (author)  dkop13 years ago
Well, it should be pretty easy to do this on an IMac too, you'd just have to find the version Apache or whatever other programs you want to use for it.

There's a version of Apache for almost every operating system imaginable, so you shouldn't have much trouble. I wish I could tell you more, but I've never had a chance to play around with any Apple computers before.
Thanks. Will try oncei figure out how to configure its internet connection.
GuruappaP dkop14 months ago
BhavinST3 years ago
Well I did add my IP to the Manage DNS thing... Someone said It'll probably take 2-3 hrs for my IP address to reflect... Is that true???
and also... Whatif I need to upload >1 website... how can I add those files to htdocs???

Can't speak to the IP issue. You can set up more than one site. Need to configure the apache's httpd config file. However, the main website remains the same. ie, works; for and will need you to register separate domain names.

superbrain8 months ago

i have a 1000gb expansion drive. can that work? and how? and also explain the apache thing if you have time.

Yes, it does. You'd have to configure the Apache's HTTPD configuration file to point to the directories. The location of the directories can in the expansion drive.

firas1236 months ago

thank you


Im new does it mater is if I only have 1 computer and it is a labtop

willybootstrap11 months ago

that was a great article! you're a noble soul ;-)
knowledge is meant for sharing. Thank you so much

nicks1781 year ago
U r Awesome friend...and a great thnks to you for this nice help... :)
lkearns1 year ago
I would just like to say that this is the first time I have managed to find something on how to create your own website with your own server. You Have done a brilliant job!
darthbindy3 years ago
awesome, i think I'll try this, i have a pile (literally) of old computers just sitting around.
Pettrocity3 years ago
would you have to have a anti-virus program to begin with, or would you have to turn it off once everything was set up?
0Ihavenousername0 (author)  Pettrocity3 years ago
Either way you'd be fine, with or without one, or with it on or off.

I usually don't use one because as long as you're smart about things, you don't usually run into a virus. You might, but usually not. And because most anti-virus programs have a tendency to block incoming and outgoing traffic, so they don't always make it easy to run a server.

That's not always true, though, but it's what works for me.
Pettrocity3 years ago
Can you use XAMPP as the server program? It comes with Apache, MySQL, FileZilla, and other add-ons. Would it be possible to use that?
you can use xampp but its kinda hard to use
Why would it be hard and what would you have to do?
0Ihavenousername0 (author)  Pettrocity3 years ago
Sure, that'd be fine to use. And probably even better than just Apache alone.
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