Introduction: Making Your Own Mini Space Launcher

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In this project first we will discuss the scope of electromagnetic accelerator in space research and then we will build a small working model of it.Small satellites , food and supplies , fuel , Basic space colonization materials can be launched by it.

Step 1: Building It.

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Gather and join the components as shown in the circuit diagram.

Step 2: Solenoid

Picture of Solenoid

Build the solenoid by wounding the 22 guage copper wire about 200 turns on a plastic spool.

do not use metal spool.

Step 3: Making the Projectile

Picture of Making the Projectile

The projectile will consist of a headless iron nail.

Step 4: Makeing It Look Good

Picture of Makeing It Look Good

The whole project can be placed in a project encloser or a wooden box.

If you made this now you are ready to accelerate the projectiles.


Picture of CAUTION

Make it at your risk.

use it responsibly. do not aim it at anything. fire it in open ground.

High voltage capacitors are dangerous try not to harm yourself or others.


PopsicleGhoul (author)2016-07-19

Got any video of it working? I want to see it punch through that soup can. That would be cool.

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